About us


Saurabh Shrivastava
is a Fashion & Product Photographer based in South Delhi & Mumbai, India. With years of experience in commercial photography, his studios offer cutting-edge services to corporate and private clients throughout India & abroad.

Our Team

We have a team of Indian / International male / female models, Make-up Artists, Fashion Stylists, Photo Finishing Artists & Photographers.

Our Services 

1. E-commerce Fashion & Product Photography. We accept any quantity in affordable prices. We guide new customers who are starting e-commerce business without charging extra fees.

2. Product Photography of Shoes, Bags, Garments, Gifts, Cosmetics etc.

3. Jewellery Photography and retouching for ecommerce and catalogues.

4. Catalogue designing, digital / offset printing.

5. Website banners, promotional banners, danglers, posters photography & designing.

6. Exclusive fashion photography for fashion designers’ advertising campaigns.


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